Illuminate enthusiasm for learning with LUMA

LUMA, Pitsco Education’s newest programmable robot for students in Grades 4-6, is in stock and ready to ship!

Designed to get your students excited about computer science learning, it has everything you need to get started. This classroom-ready, cross-curricular robot is an awesome introduction to real-world computer science and career exploration, and we can’t wait for students to try it out.

Explore and shop LUMA at today.

When shopping directly with Pitsco Education, don’t forget to use code AEPACTE at checkout for your exclusive 2% discount. Valid through May 2026.

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Full STEAM Ahead With Pitsco


Engineering and creativity lead the way in this open-ended and all-inclusive kit! The STEAM Builder Bin can be used for a range of educational concepts – from design and construction to implementing the engineering design process.

  • Endless Opportunities – Potentially hundreds of different builds in one kit
  • Prompts – 15 categories of open-ended Idea cards
  • Level Up – Idea cards have three difficulty levels for self-paced learning
  • To Each Their Own – Every student has a unique outcome
  • Teacher Friendly – You get Teacher Tips to guide students through the engineering design process
  • Storage – A durable, stackable bin and compartment to keep things tidy

STEAM ON with the new STEAM Builder Bin!

When shopping directly with Pitsco Education, be sure to enter AEPA22 at checkout for the exclusive discount of 2% off your purchase along with free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

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