About Us

Saving time and money for Illinois educational entities since 1998.

ILTPP (Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program) is an Illinois cooperative whose mission is to provide accessible, high-quality, affordable technology, digital learning resources, and opportunities to K-12 educational communities. The cooperative aggregates the buying power of hundreds of districts to help procure products and services from quality vendor partners and partners with vendors to help them reach the correct audience.


In partnership with Regional Offices of Education and Intermediate Service Centers, the Learning Technology Center formed ILTPP in response to a needs assessment that identified technology procurement as an area for growth. Since ILTPP’s inception in 1998, the LTC has worked to grow cost savings and expand its reach to include technology infrastructure, devices, hardware, digital platforms, and all technology-related elements within the school ecosystem.

In 2019, ILTPP joined the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), a multi-state non-profit cooperative of state educational entities that works together to negotiate competitively bid contracts. By leveraging the combined buying power of 25+ member states, ILTPP and AEPA allow all schools and agencies to purchase at equal buying levels regardless of size.


The ILTPP is a program of the Learning Technology Center, which in turn utilizes the Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education #9, a county governmental office, as its fiscal agent. The legal authority of the LTC to operate a statewide cooperative is pursuant to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act, 5 ILCS 220/1 et seq., and the Illinois School Code’s Cooperative Educational and Operational Programs provisions, 105 ILCS 5/3-15.14.

To assist in our work, the LTC facilitates the ILTPP Advisory Council to provide insight on educational technology products, services, and purchasing best ­practices.

Our Commitment to Schools and our Vendors

Collaboration and communication with our vendor partners and schools are key to our success. As part of our commitment, we follow these guiding principles:

  • All suppliers participating in the program have been referred by education personnel and have not been solicited from the general public.
  • These companies are known to have provided exceptional service while providing high-quality products.
  • The reliability of each company is further researched by contacting three educational facilities that have purchased their products within the last year.
  • Pricing and products are evaluated by an Advisory Committee that consists of LTC, ROE, ISC directors, and ISBE officials.
  • The company’s products must enhance computer-related curriculum, and the prices must be the best available.