How to Purchase

Purchasing with ILTPP is an easy process.

Step 1: Become a Member

First, become a member of ILTPP by completing the Membership Application. Applications are reviewed daily, and once approved, you will gain access to all contract details on the ILTPP website. If you are unsure if you are eligible to become a member, please view the About ILTPP Membership page.

Step 2: View Contract Details

Each contract on the online directory has a section named “How to Order.” Follow the directions specific to each contract, and if you have questions, please contact us at

Step 3: Request a Quote (Optional)

ILTPP provides an optional free quote service to all members. We work with multiple vendors to identify options based on your criteria, allowing you to select the best vendor to meet your unique needs. Request a quote →

Step 4. Purchase and Mention ILTPP

During the purchasing process, please mention that this is an ILTPP contract. Some vendors require the use of the contract number, and all details are available on the “How to Order” section of the contract page.