ILTPP Partners

ILTPP is a statewide cooperative that was developed for schools in Illinois served by the Illinois State Board of Education and its Regional Offices of Education. The goal of ILTPP is to provide a voluntary purchasing program that combines the purchasing power of Illinois school districts and other eligible entities to offer aggressive pricing on technology products and services.

Manufacturer and Reseller Information

ILTPP secures strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative organizations in educational technology. Our partnerships are ongoing, purposeful, substantive and mutually-beneficial collaborations.

Become an ILTPP Contract Holder

Manufacturers and resellers have the opportunity to be awarded an ILTPP contract by winning a Request for Proposals (RFP) or entering a Sole-Source Agreement.

How Sole-Source Agreements Work
  1. ILTPP Members identify a specific product or service, and ILTPP issues a non-binding commitment survey to determine total quantity.
  2. ILTPP negotiates with the manufacturer or reseller using the initial commitment numbers to determine tiered pricing schedules.
  3. Agreements are based on demand and competitive pricing.
How RFPs Work
  1. ILTPP writes competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) based on non-branded specifications on behalf of our member districts.
  2. Representatives from the ILTPP Advisory Council evaluate proposals based on the rubric disclosed in the RFP.
  3. Awards are based on an evaluation process that considers quality, demand, customer service, and competitive pricing.

ILTPP negotiates a mix of RFP-backed contracts and Sole-Source Agreements when appropriate. ILTPP only produces RFPs and Sole-Source Agreements for products and services that are requested by ILTPP Members. There is not a pre-determined schedule or order for RFPs or Sole-Source Agreements.


Integration with ILTPP Marketplace

Suppliers receive complimentary access to integrate supplier punch-out system, catalog, or other online purchasing abilities with the ILTPP Marketplace eProcurement system.

Supplier Quarterly Reports

Purchases made outside of the ILTPP Marketplace are to be reported by the supplier to ILTPP every quarter. A sample of the quarterly report is available for reference. Review the ILTPP terms and conditions.

Engage ILTPP Members

Connect with Illinois through marketing and events.


ILTPP offers its partners the following opportunities:
  • Advertising on ILTPP website, including company logo and contract details on custom partner page
  • Opportunity to purchase display ads on ILTPP website
  • Monthly e-newsletter features, including but not limited to, new product announcements, specials, webinar announcement/details, showcase or other event details
  • Advertising of partnership and product offerings at conferences that ILTPP attends as an exhibitor, including print collateral and promotional items provided by supplier

Sponsor Events

As a Vendor Partner with ILTPP, you have the opportunity to engage our Members in a variety of ways. Events have proven to be the most popular and beneficial means to engage our Members. ILTPP offers multiple event platforms that we have found to be mutually beneficial for our Vendor Partners and our Members. If you are interested in discussing additional opportunities, please contact Hope Hardin-Borbely.

The Showcase is a traveling single-product type roadshow featuring 4-5 manufacturers, with each manufacturer allotted (1) 45-minute presentation. The objective is to provide school districts the opportunity to learn what different vendors are offering and to truly compare products side-by-side.

The cost for vendors to present includes a 45-minute presentation, exhibit area with table and chair(s), continental breakfast and lunch, and designated face-to-face vendor exhibitor time to talk to dozens of school districts all in one location!

A lunch and learn program is a 30-45 minutes training or presentation session facilitated by a vendor partner to ILTPP Members during a lunch hour. If your organization is interested in hosting a lunch and learn event please contact us!

Webinars are limited to 60-minute presentations, with time for Q&A following the presentation. If your organization hosts webinars on a regular basis or has recorded webinars that you would like for us to share with our Members. Please contact us, we would be happy to share.

Submit a proposal for special events and who your target intended auidence is, we would be happy to help facilitate.