Request for Proposals

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18R02- Chromebook Computing DevicesChromebook Devices & Accessories
18R01- Interactive Touch Screen DisplaysInteractive Touch Screen Displays
17R02-On-Site & Remote Security Hardware and SoftwareOn-Site & Remote Security Hardware and Software
17R01-Computers, Tablets and Accessories RFPComputers, Tablets and Accessories for Apple Operating System (OS)
Interactive Touch Screen Displays RFP No. IT-2017-001Interactive Touch Screen Displays2016-10-26
Chromebook Computing Device RFP No. CB-2017-001Chromebook Computing Devices and Accessories2016-06-17
Windows Device RFP No. WIN-2017-001Windows Devices2016-06-17
Interactive Touch Screen Displays RFP No. IT-2018-002Interactive Touch Screen Displays
AEPA IFB 020-ANatural and Synthetic Surfaces for Sport Fields, Tracks, Courts, Playground, and Landscaping Applications
AEPA IFB 020-BCarpet & Resilient Flooring
APEA IFB 020-CDigital Resources & Instructional Materials
AEPA IFB 020-DFacility Management Software
AEPA IFB 020-ELawn & Groundskeeping Equipment, Supplies & Services
AEPA IFB 020-FDigital Display Solutions
AEPA IFB 020-GVehicles – Cars, SUVs, Crossovers, Light Duty Trucks, Vans, Police, and Public Safety