Take your students’ drone skills from zero to pro with our Drone Maker Kit and Echo Drone.

Drones are all the buzz! They’re extremely engaging, and they provide future-relevant learning for all ages. Drones expose learners to employability skills – flight vocabulary, physics, and soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. And, the list of jobs utilizing such skills is always growing.

Drone Maker Kit (92130)

Get a system for designing, building, and flying a drone! This kit is customizable and enables learners to create their own design – honing those engineering skills. This kit brings the ultimate level of engagement while also teaching basic aviation principles. It’s failproof, safe, and FUN!

Echo Drone (92786) – This out-of-the-box flyer has no engineering required – you’re up and flying in minutes. Each drone includes a controller and connects to an app, enabling advanced learners to transition from remote control to coding navigation. The app also transmits images and video to a smartphone via Wi-Fi using the drone’s onboard camera. Check the press release here on the Echo Drone.

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