CENTEGIX®, Leading K-12 Safety Provider, Introduces New Platform

ATLANTA – October 19, 2023 – CENTEGIX, the industry leader and largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education, announces the launch of its CENTEGIX Safety Platform™. The cloud-based, integrated solution initiates the fastest response time to safety incidents campus-wide.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ unites powerful market-leading solutions including:

The design of the Safety Platform is grounded in CENTEGIX’s experience supporting school districts with rapid incident response for hundreds of thousands of everyday and extreme emergencies.

“Time is the single most critical factor in an emergency, because every second matters,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “Districts spend years preparing for and working to prevent emergencies. When an incident happens, it’s the time that it takes to respond that matters the most. With our CENTEGIX Safety Platform, we’ve taken linear phases of response and compressed them to happen all at once, so that help can arrive as quickly as possible.”

CENTEGIX built the Safety Platform specifically to reduce response time during an incident:

Identification Time: CrisisAlert provides the ability for all staff to quickly, easily, and discreetly indicate that there is an emergency. With CrisisAlert, all staff are empowered to identify incidents by simply pushing the button on their CrisisAlert badge. CrisisAlert is always available and works anywhere on campus because it operates on a private, managed network and does not depend on Wi-Fi or cellular, which have coverage gaps.

Notification Time: For a campus-wide alert, CrisisAlert accelerates emergency communication to everyone onsite through full audio and visual notifications, directing all to follow safety protocols and directly alerting local 911 emergency resources, also with precise location informationWith Emergency Response Integrations, the Safety Platform automates notification steps to reduce human error and delays with manual hand-off steps.

Response Time: Onsite response teams immediately receive the CrisisAlert alert notification with a Safety Blueprint map showing who needs help and precisely where they are located. The Safety Blueprint map also displays where safety and security assets are available to eliminate time spent searching for these resources. Local 911 takes action to neutralize the situation.

“Using the CENTEGIX Safety Platform has helped us strengthen our culture of safety and improve response times for everyday and extreme emergencies. Staff appreciate having a CrisisAlert badge so they are empowered to improve safety in their schools. Our Response teams value Safety Blueprint for the precise location of incidents notified by CrisisAlert and the ability to see the location of safety assets,” said Chris Farkas, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL), the 7th largest district in the U.S.


CENTEGIX is the industry leader of wearable safety technology for K-12 education with over 600,000 badges in use. The cloud-based CENTEGIX Safety Platform initiates the fastest response time for emergencies campus-wide. Leaders in over 11,500 locations nationwide trust CENTEGIX’s innovative safety solutions to empower and protect people. To learn more about CENTEGIX, visit www.centegix.com

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What’s Next? 2022 Safety and Security Trends

Whenever there is a new trend, you can bet that it will first emerge in schools and universities, and Campus Safety magazine is usually the first trade publication to cover it.

During this webinar, Campus Safety’s Editor-in-Chief, Robin Hattersley will provide an overview of the many crime, social, drug, law enforcement, emergency management, and technology trends CS has been uncovering over the past couple of years. Those developments include mental health and suicide, pandemic response, vaping and opioids, domestic terrorism and hate crimes, #MeToo, controversial speakers on campus, cybersecurity issues, video surveillance, lockdown, guns on campus, active assailant response, homelessness, litigation, and fines, public safety department staffing, access control and more.

Robin will also share some of the emerging trends shared by safety and security professionals during the Campus Safety Conferences on what they are seeing on their campuses and some of the solutions they are considering or implementing.


Robin Hattersley
Campus Safety Magazine

Guy Grace
Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS)

Mary Ford
Chief Marketing and Customer Officer

This Campus Safety Education Series Webinar is Presented By:
CENTEGIX CrisisAlert is the fastest and easiest way for teachers and staff to call for help in emergencies from every day to the extreme. With the simple push of a button on our wearable CrisisAlert badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders.

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Capitol Electronics Address Safety & Security Concerns

For over 30 years Capitol Electronics has focused its business on serving the needs of public safety with critical technology designed to improve communication between first responders and their respective communities include our education community. Technology has changed many aspects of life as we know it today, the most critical being security. Join in this upcoming webinar as we address what should be done to protect your district because your #1 goal is to provide a safe & secure learning environment.

The Problem

Are you prepared for the unknown?

Do your facility, staff, and students have what they need to be safe and secure?

  • How do you know which solutions are best for your school in terms of safety?
  • Who can you contact to learn more and trust that your best interest is at the forefront?
  • How do you identify the best partner in a saturated industry who can implement the best solution to keep everyone safe?
  • Exactly what solutions are available, where do I start?

The Solution

We provide solutions that are trusted by schools & campuses across the US every day!

Count on Capitol Electronics Consultants’ expertise in designing the best solution for your unique school/campus.

  • Gunshot Detection – with alerts going directly to law enforcement
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Monitoring of doors propped open as well as perimeter or window breaches
  • Panic Buttons
  • Integrating with current sensors to provide immediate notification to the right parties and more…



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