Tech Out Your Classroom

Incorporate technology into K–12 classroom design 

Technology is pervasive in today’s world — including the classroom. Schools everywhere are turning to technology to enhance their classrooms and provide students with the best possible learning experience. They use technology to make spaces more learning-friendly and focused in countless ways: to support the existing curriculum, broaden students’ access to information, meet students where they are in their development, address mental and physical health (including alleviating teacher burnout), and integrate with the portable technology students are adopting. 

Interactive Whiteboards 

One way to use technology to make classroom spaces more efficient is by using interactive whiteboards. Interactive or smart whiteboards are large touch-sensitive displays that are connected to a computer and can be used to display images, videos, text, and other multimedia content. These whiteboards allow teachers to access and display course materials quickly and easily while allowing students to engage with the material in a more interactive way. In addition, interactive whiteboards can be used to facilitate communication between students and teachers, which can help to foster a more collaborative learning environment. Boards like the i3Touch E-One have a realistic-feeling writing surface, which allows you to save work and accommodate streaming multiple screens at once. Since it replaces existing whiteboards and can be wall-mounted, it takes up no floorspace. This makes it perfect for space-conscious classrooms.  

Charging and Power Solutions

add power for charging

In a post-covid era, individual tablets or computers are common in classrooms (and often required for student use). But all those batteries need a boost now and then, so offering enough charging options is essential. Towers are a great solution for classrooms where desks or tables are arranged in groups. Why? They offer equally accessible outlets or USB ports in the center instead of the walls, and they take up minimal floor space. If device storage is more of a concern in your classroom, then consider a tower that charges as it stores group tablets or laptops.


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