Enhancing School Safety: Uncover Valuable Insights and Discover New Funding Sources to Drive a Comprehensive Physical Security Plan Forward

In today’s ever-changing security landscape, the importance of keeping our students and staff safe in educational settings has never been more critical. This Bluum webinar is a must-attend event for anyone in the K-12 educational sphere who is looking to:

  • Unlock Federal Funding: Let us help you plan for the COPS School Violence Prevention Program and other funding sources to support your security initiatives.
  • Understand Evolving Threats: Get insights into the latest security challenges facing schools and how to prepare.
  • Build Stronger Partnerships: Learn how to forge effective security partnerships that make a difference.
  • Develop Tailored Security Plans: Discover systematic planning strategies that suit your school environment.

Who Should Attend?

– K-12 Public School District Representatives

-️ Local/Tribal Government Officials COPS SVPP


The COPS School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) is a lifeline for schools seeking to enhance their security measures. With $73 million distributed in 2023 and up to $500,000 available per award, it’s an opportunity to fund evidence-based safety programs and technology that will make schools safer for everyone.

Meet The Panelists:

Dr. Andrea Tejedor With two decades of leadership in public education and a focus on educational strategy and technology, Dr.Tejedor brings a wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, teacher leadership, and cyber governance to the table.

Yurika Meziab A specialist in navigating the complex world of federal, state, and local grant funding, Yurika’s expertise is crucial for those looking to fund high-impact safety projects.

Alison Rossi As the VP of Offerings at Bluum, Alison’s experience in educational technology and her pursuit of excellence in strategic leadership is invaluable for creating safe, supportive learning environments. Join us to empower your school’s safety initiatives with actionable insights.

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