New iOS Extension App Helps K-12 Leaders Fully Capture Data

Knowing which EdTech tools are being used, how often, and by whom serve as critical, foundational elements of understanding a given EdTech landscape. For years, LearnPlatform’s Inventory Dashboard has served as a resource for discovering the scope of EdTech use to build that foundation.

So, today, we are thrilled to announce our new iOS extension app that customers can deploy to school-issued iOS devices for the 2022-23 school year! 

By adding this extension app as another means of gathering data, district administrators will now be able to collect, report on and use iOS data to guide conversations and aid in EdTech decision-making. K-12 leaders view multiple data sources in one place to:

  • Uncover products they aren’t currently managing.

  • Better understand which products/apps are most (and least) popular across devices.

  • Identify areas for more implementation support.

  • Discover fidelity of use.

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Districts >5,000 Students
Rob Residori
Director of Partnerships
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Districts <5,000 Students
Hillary Simons
District Analyst
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