Microsoft Licensing 101 for K-12 Schools – Webinar

JourneyEd has partnered with ILTPP to provide member schools with deep discounts on technology purchases from software to hardware as well as expertise to help in identifying the right fit solutions. JourneyEd’s focus is on education; the company and its employees pride themselves on providing legendary customer service.

Watch this exclusive 60-minute webinar with JourneyEd to learn about all the key points schools should consider when licensing Microsoft products and what this means for your school.

During this session, some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Perpetual licensing v.s. Annual Subscription licensing
  • A synopsis of each Microsoft licensing option: (eOpen, Select, OVS-ES, EES subscription)
  • Using Microsoft’s Student/Faculty/Staff Advantage program with Google (Free Microsoft Office Pro 365 for students and employees)
  • Using the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center
  • How to license various Microsoft Server products

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Christine McConnell
Senior Account Manager

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