Marketing Material Submission

As an ILTPP vendor partner, you are entitled to marketing and promotion opportunities.  ILTPP will use its reasonable best efforts to actively advertise, promote and market the Program and the Supplier’s Products and Services to ILTPP Members and potential Members by various means, including digital media, print, trade shows, conferences, and seminars.

Marketing and promotions include:

○      Supplier name, logo, copyright, trade or service mark, and a description of the Products and Services available;

○      Enablement and opportunity for Product specific e-blasts; provided that content must be provided by the Supplier and approved by ILTPP, as well as scheduled pursuant to the ILTPP Supplier Marketing Plan;

○      Monthly e-newsletter promotions depending upon the  availability of space; provided that content must be provided by the Supplier and approved by ILTPP by the 10th  of each month before such newsletter distribution;

○      Product placement and/or promotion on ILTPP’s website homepage as reasonably available, with the understanding that such space is made available on a first-come, first-served basis, which shall be available for no longer than one (1) month  with possible additional weeks available throughout the applicable contract year;

○      Maintenance of branded social media profiles that feature the Supplier Products and Services, unique offerings and announcements; provided that such information is made available to ILTPP at least fourteen (14) days in advance of such announcements; and

○ Supplier-provided collateral print materials shall be made available at conferences attended by ILTPP as an exhibitor.

To submit marketing materials to ILTPP’s marketing team, please use the button below and fill out the form.