Class Instructor

An affordable classroom management tool for teachers. Class Instructor is intuitive, easy-to-use, with a simple instructor interface featuring hot keys. Setup is simple, making it an accessible tool, perfect for those teaching in district level education.

Why class instructor?

Focussed on affordability and adoption, Class Instructor has been designed to allow schools to access classroom monitoring technology at a low price with a focus on giving teachers the core tools without over-complication.

Developed for teachers.
Its clean interface boasts module hot keys for ease of access to your favorite classroom management tools.
Simplified yet powerful.
Class Instructor’s features provide next-level classroom management whilst offering a user-friendly experience.
Integration Support.
Class Instructor integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and ClassLink to seamlessly sync your classroom data.
Class Instructor’s price point makes classroom management tools accessible to those within education.

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Alex Ball
US Sales Manager
866- 664-1520

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