In Hybird Learning, Multifunctional Printers Are More Helpful Thank Ever

Gone are the days of harried teachers elbowing each other for turns in the copier room. Today’s next-generation photocopiers in schools are more valuable than ever to educators. In fact, schools should still be budgeting and training for what has come to be known as the multifunction printer (MFP), offered under such brands as Konica Minolta or Kyocera.

When COVID-19 closed schools in America in March 2020, educators adapted to remote learning with admirable speed and demanded that technology and equipment change along with them. Yesterday’s educators worried about plagiarism, roving eyes, and cheat sheets; today’s must add internet security, remote learning, and collaboration tools to the list.

Instead of relying on traditional copiers, which would have had limited usefulness, districts instead are turning to MFPs, which offer functions ranging from data processing to onboarding tools and from malware protection to personalized documents. They allow teachers to scan and email assignments, grade multiple-choice tests, and store data, among numerous other class management functions. MFPs further provide office staff and administrators opportunities to streamline and minimize the documentation and paper output education often requires.

Saving Money by Upgrading

While multifunctional printers may sound expensive to perpetually cash-strapped education budgeters, these new photocopiers actually help keep costs down in a number of ways. Old-school copiers use more energy and generate more heat, costing significantly more to operate than MFPs. Users make their time more efficient. After teachers have assessed student assignments using an MFP, the data can be stored safely in the cloud, on a flash drive, or emailed, minimizing manual filing, use of toner, paper waste, and energy costs.

Besides financial savings, these printers save educators time as well. Like it or not, assessments drive education. Students are assessed in the classroom as well as schoolwide in all core subjects, and teachers often give practice tests to prepare students. With MFPs, teachers can print and scan student answer sheets, analyze results, decipher patterns, and share information with stakeholders on a regular basis. This process is an option whether students are on campus or learning remotely.

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