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Deledao Education and the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) have partnered to provide ILTPP members discounted browser-based self-harm alerting and content filtering focused on student wellness and digital safety.

Powerful Wellness Monitoring & Content Filtering for ALL Students

Deledao Education’s AI-powered, cloud-based technology screens through web and email content in real time to analyze text, images, and videos. It works on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac OS, mobile devices and tablets. Through the real time analysis of each page as it renders in the browser, Deledao Education provides powerful wellness monitoring and content filtering for on and off campus learners.

Among other features, Deledao Education:

  • Supports district leadership responsible for monitoring student wellness and mental health by applying its AI technology to monitor student web and email activity in real time for signs a student may be in need of help.
  • Embeds anti-tracking technology to protect student privacy. Deledao Education shields students’ online activities from third parties.
  • Safeguards distance learners through the mitigation of inappropriate images and video that may be bombed/shared in video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Provides instructional staff with granular policy controls to restrict on/off campus student internet activity during class time.

Deledao Education promotes parental engagement via its integrated Parent Portal (web and app-based) providing granular at-home policy settings and full visibility into their child’s internet activity and conduct on school-owned devices.

Contract Highlights:  State-of-the art artificial intelligence self-harm monitoring and alerting technology provided at an extremely affordable annual cost.

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