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ManagedMethods is on a mission to make securing sensitive information stored in the cloud easy and affordable for K12 school districts. ManagedMethods provides a centralized command center for managing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cyber security and student safety risks. The platform monitors risks in Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, providing automated controls to prevent data security breaches, account takeovers, ransomware, and phishing attacks, and detect student safety signals.

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2024 Incident Response Plan Template

There’s no doubt schools are up to their necks in cyber threats these days. Every district, big or small, is facing an unrelenting volume of attacks — each one smarter and more sophisticated than the last. But don’t worry: We have a plan for that. Read on to understand the value of a data breach response plan for your school district. Plus, access our free-to-use response plan template to kick-start your cybersecurity strategy.

Google Renewal Guide

Free Checklist: Google Workspace For Education Renewal Guide

This guide will (hopefully) help your IT team determine which Google Workspace for Education license might be the right fit for your district’s needs and budget. It includes classroom and learning considerations but also considers data loss prevention, phishing & malware threat protection, and student safety monitoring needs that can be overlooked when making purchase decisions. You’ll get price information on different options to help you with both feature and financial considerations for your renewal.