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Lightspeed Systems has been serving schools and keeping students safe online since 1999. Our mission—to advance educational effectiveness and safety for every student—serves as the daily roadmap of our commitment. We provide the most up-to-date enterprise-class software and support, ensure the privacy of student data, and zealously protect our customers’ data through the latest cloud-based systems. We can easily scale to our customers’ changing requirements, expanding to embrace their entire networks as the number of schools, devices, and product needs increase. Lightspeed Systems is recognized as the most effective provider of online student safety and educational effectiveness worldwide. We’re a trusted partner to tens of thousands of schools. L

Contract Highlights:

Lightspeed Systems Solution Suite

  • Lightspeed Filter – Protect Students From Harmful Online Content
  • Lightspeed Alert – Prevent Suicides, Bullying, and School Violence
  • Lightspeed Classroom Management – Keep Students Engaged and Focused on Digital Learning
  • Lightspeed Analytics – Complete Visibility into Students’ Online Learning
  • Lightspeed Analytics – CatchOn Edition coming in June 2022
  • Lightspeed Mobile Device Management – Scalable and Efficient Learning Device Management

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Lightspeed Systems
Mike Durando
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Contract Number ILTPP - 22LS02
Contract Duration 04/01/2022 - 03/31/2024
Renewals 2
Manufacturers Covered
Solicitation Type Direct Contract
Documentation Extension of Agreement 2023


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Lightspeed Systems Resources

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Lightspeed Analytics™ CatchOn Edition




What sets Lightspeed Analytics™ apart?

Usage Tracking: The industry’s most comprehensive data for engagement analysis—including for those apps not accessed through single sign-on tools.

Granular Reporting: Drill down details on each individual app, software, or online resource by campus, grade level, course, section, and end user.

Cost and ROI Reports: Analysis of cost and ROI of all paid software, apps, and resources.

Comprehensive Dashboard: Combines all usage whether it’s on network or at home, on an app or a browser, into a single view.

License Usage Reports: Reporting on used/unused licenses for software, app, and online resources.

Trend Detection: Discover all apps in use in your district.

Data Privacy & Security Analysis: Analysis of app, software, and resource compliance with data privacy and security policies via third party reviews.

Powerful Features:

  • Provides the data you want—the way you want it
  • Grants total visibility into all app usage
  • Customizable dashboard allows each stakeholder to see the data they need
  • Available with a stress-free implementation that requires no new hardware
  • Works on all devices no matter where students use them
  • Shows each student’s active window to help teachers keep everyone on task
  • Reveals the cost per actual user of each app your district purchases
  • Tracks actual app usage at district, campus, class, and student-levels
  • Promotes student engagement both on and off-campus
  • Provides the data you need to make informed licensing decisions
  • Helps your district assess the efficacy of your professional development initiatives
  • Offers third-party analysis of each app’s data privacy policies to help your district maintain data privacy compliance