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EPS Learning has partnered with educators for more than 70 years to advance literacy as the springboard for lifelong learning and opportunity. With more than 20 supplemental literacy solutions based on the science of reading, our products support grades PreK through 12, all tiers of instruction, and every pillar of reading. EPS Learning offers evidence-based intervention and customized professional learning to help move students toward growth, mastery, and success.

Contract Highlights:

EPS Learning offers comprehensive print and digital solutions for PreK–12 students across all tiers of instruction. Anchored in the science of reading, EPS Learning empowers teachers to meet students where they are and accelerate their learning.


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Welcome to the most innovative online Teaching & Learning Platform available today. SchoolsPLP is an NCAA-accredited comprehensive digital PreK-12 Teaching & Learning Platform that allows schools to easily plan and deliver online, hybrid, and blended learning options for students. We created SchoolsPLP in order to bring powerful technical tools and rich curriculum options into one simple experience to improve the lives of online educators.
Contract Highlights:

  • Powerful LMS containing with the best content available
  • All students, regardless of curriculum, accessible through a single dashboard
  • Various course designs for intervention are offered in the same place
  • Courses that allow customizable content
  • Colorful student reports sent weekly to parents and guardians



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Matt West
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Rethink Ed

Rethink Ed combines the power of technology and research to deliver innovative, scalable, and evidence-based instructional materials and supports for all learners and educators. Rethink Ed provides the most comprehensive solution to address the academic, behavioral, and social, emotional, and mental wellness needs of students, as well as the adults who support them. From fostering the development of important social-emotional skills to closing the learning gap through effective interventions and support, Rethink Ed provides the resources needed to create healthy and successful learning communities.

The Rethink Ed Solution features:

Staff Professional Learning: digital, scalable solutions for adult learners with courses addressing Social Emotional Wellness, Mental Health, MTSS, Behavior Intervention, and Special Education best practices.

MTSS & Behavior: Comprehensive solution helps districts build strong tiered supports for streamlined initiatives, as well as empower educators to learn about MTSS concepts, develop academic, behavior, and social-emotional learning plans, provide meaningful interventions, and analyze the effectiveness of their entire MTSS process.

Wellness Curricula: Comprehensive multi-tiered K-12, CASEL-aligned SEL curriculum for ALL learners with accompanying assessments. Comprehensive multi-tiered K-12, evidence-based Mental Health curriculum.

Academic Intervention: Comprehensive K-12 program (Vizzle) provides over 40,000 interactive, standards-aligned, leveled lessons, courses, and activities in all core subjects (Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies).

Foundational Skills: Solution focused on developing independent learners by increasing student communication and foundational skills proficiency.

Behavior Solution: Provides easy assessments, interventions, and progress monitoring tools to manage challenging behaviors

Data Collection/Tracking Progress: Robust data collection and monitoring tools for automatic and manual data collection (including an app) for uniform, timely, and ongoing monitoring of group or individual student progress.

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Mike Kisow
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Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific, Inc., based in Batavia, Illinois, is a comprehensive multi-line supplier of manufactured and purchased science education products and curricula. Since its founding in 1977, as a laboratory chemicals supplier to high school science teachers, Flinn has continuously expanded its product lines and markets and has developed an intensely loyal, growing base of science teacher customers across all 50 states. Science isn’t just our business— it’s our passion. We make teaching science easier, because we believe in science. We believe in curiosity and determination— in the insatiable quest for knowledge, and the transformative power of breakthroughs. We love those moments when true understanding dawns, and the light bulbs come on, so we love enabling them in our own small way. Science matters— and we also happen to think it’s pretty cool. We’ve been a market leader in science supplies & solutions for over 40 years.

Contract Highlights:

  • High-quality chemicals, hands-on kits, & exceptional equipment for the best learning outcomes
  • Special support for new teachers and professional learning webinars for everyone
  • Thousands of award-winning customizable digital labs, activities, and resources for all science disciplines
  • 10% and Free Shipping Over $100*

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Rebecca Wilson
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The OrganWise Guys

For over 30 years, The OrganWise Guys Inc. has worked with schools, early learning centers, universities, foundations, public and private health organizations, nutrition experts, and educators across the country to create a “whole child” approach to raising a healthier, more productive generation.

The OrganWise Guys program is a curriculum-linked, evidence-based approach to nutrition, health, and emotional well-being that provides a solution for educators and parents who want to inspire their children and the lives of children they influence to embrace a holistic, health-focused, balanced life since a healthy child is a better, more productive student.

Research shows that the behaviors that lead to improved health also lead to improved academic outcomes in literacy and math. These materials (available in physical items, manipulatives, and digitally) help children learn about nutrition and health in creative ways that allow them to retain important information to take care of their overall well-being. Best of all, it’s FUN!

Contract Highlights:

  • All content correlated to IL-specific standards in math, science, language arts, and health/PE, as well as national STEM and Head Start standards
  • Documented literacy improvements
  • Ideal for Media Specialists, Nurses, Counselors, and PE/Health Teachers who see all students.
  • Easy to use – no prop for teachers
  • Year-round nutrition education (parent newsletter, activity sheet, clip art, and more)
  • SEL (Social Emotional Learning) components to help with student’s overall well-being
  • Content available in English and Spanish
  • Virtual (free of charge) or in-person training to quickly onboard teachers
  • Quantity discounts of up to 30% and a special 50% discount for all student activity books

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Dr. Michelle Lombardo
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ClickView is an educational video platform specializing in short, high-quality K-12 video resources. As both a producer and curation platform, ClickView makes it easy for teachers to find and share video that engages students in a format they understand. The ClickView platform also lets teachers transform videos – including their own – into interactive quizzes with formative assessment tools to show evidence of learning and engagement.

Contract Highlights:

  • Premium, recently produced, curriculum-mapped video for all grades and subjects.
  • Access to thousands of original ClickView videos from the award-winning ClickView production studio.
  • Expertly produced interactive quizzes, lesson guides, and worksheets to build context around each video.
  • Analytics dashboards show teachers exactly where students skip, watch, and re-watch content while mapping engagement against formative assessment data.
  • Unlimited video hosting for teachers, schools, and districts with custom library tools.


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Heather Schrader
Senior Business Development Manager – U.S. Market

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Newsela takes authentic, real-world content from trusted sources and makes it instruction ready for K-12 classrooms. Each text is published at five reading levels, so content is accessible to every learner. Today, over 2.5 million teachers and 37 million students have registered with Newsela for content that’s personalized to student interests, accessible to everyone, aligned to instructional standards, and attached to activities and reporting that hold teachers accountable for instruction and students accountable for their work. With over 10,000 texts in Newsela’s platform and 10 new texts published every day across 20+ genres, Newsela enables educators to go deep on any subject they choose.

Newsela provides content that is:

  • AUTHENTIC: From the real world, about real and relatable people and topics
  • ACCESSIBLE: Differentiated at 5 levels, representative of every learner
  • ACTIVE: Never stale, always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world
  • ACCOUNTABLE: Ensures educators and students are taking responsibility for learning
  • ALIGNED: Aligned to key standards, frameworks, and commonly used curriculum

Newsela’s offerings include Newsela ELA, Newsela Science, Newsela Social Studies, Newsela SEL, and more. You can find more information here.

Contract Highlights:

  • Discount for any school or district that purchases through the ILTPP contract
  • Scaled discount based on number of participating buildings
  • Content to meet the Illinois curriculum mandates like Civics, Black History, LGBTQ, Illinois History, and many more
  • Professional learning to support the implementation of Newsela

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General inquiries: iltpp@newsela.com

Districts with 3000+ students
Patrick Gaffney
Illinois Partnerships

Districts with less than 3000 students
Claire Vock
Illinois Partnerships

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Edpuzzle is an easy-to-use platform allowing you to engage every student, one video at a time. Edpuzzle unlocks the power of videos through simple editing tools and dazzling student data. The process is simple – find a video, add questions and assign it to your class. Watch as they progress and hold them accountable on their learning journey.

Make any video your lesson – Choose a video or record your own, give it your magic touch and track your students’ comprehension.

Reinforce accountability – Check if students are watching your videos, how many times they’re watching each section, and if they’re understanding the content.

Engage students – Introduce students to self-paced learning with interactive video lessons. It’s easy to add your own voice narration and questions!

Save time – Check out our Edpuzzle Originals, videos made by our curriculum team. They are professionally made, standards-aligned, and have a practice already built-in!

Contract Highlights

  • Significant discount on any school or district EdPuzzle subscription for all ILTPP member schools.

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