About Us

Saving time and money for Illinois educational entities since 1998.

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) is a statewide cooperative of Illinois educational entities that aggregate buying power and expertise to procure technology products and services from quality vendor partners while providing valued communication and collaboration. ILTPP is an initiative of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) and contributes to the LTC’s mission of building statewide capacity for educational change through technology-related professional learning, programs, initiatives, and support.

ILTPP is an Illinois Chief Procurement Office Approved Cooperative/Consortium.

A Joint Partnership Based on Need

ILTPP was jointly developed by the LTC, the Regional Offices of Education, and the Intermediate Service Centers in 1998 in response to needs assessment information provided by district personnel from around the state.

Our Vendor Partners

  • All suppliers that participate in the program have been referred by education personnel and have not been solicited from the general public.
  • These companies are known to have provided exceptional service while providing high quality products.
  • The reliability of each company is further researched by contacting three educational facilities that have purchased their products within the last year.
  • Pricing and products are evaluated by an Advisory Committee that consists of LTC, ROE and ISC directors and ISBE officials.
  • The company’s products must enhance computer related curriculum and the prices must be the best available.