Building the capacity of districts to improve education through technology.

ILTPP offers Illinois PK-12 schools and other eligible educational entities the advantage of saving time and money on technology related product and service purchases. We aim to combine the purchasing power of Illinois schools to offer aggressive pricing on technology related purchases. Currently serving over seven hundred fifty (750) school district, private school, and educational service agency members, ILTPP represents over 2 million students and staff. ILTPP Members saved an average of 38% with ILTPP contracts in FY16.

Becoming a Member

What you need to know about membership.


ILTPP provides members the following benefits:
  • Competitively bid contracts – saving schools time and money!
  • A contractual commitment from vendors to provide the most favorable pricing.
  • Publicly posted prices on all products, giving buyers a better idea of savings.
  • ILTPP staff audits vendor prices quarterly to ensure that they are discounted beyond wholesale and street prices.
  • Volume discounts – The ILTPP bid is specifically structured to allow buyers and vendors to negotiate discounts based on quantity. Posted prices are for a quantity of one. Discounts can be negotiated for any volume purchases and still be valid ILTPP purchases as long as the order is identified as an ILTPP member order, according to contract terms and conditions.
  • Quote requests and purchase orders can easily be submitted through the ILTPP Marketplace.

The Process

Eligible Entities

All PK-12 school districts and educational service agencies in Illinois are eligible to participate in ILTPP contracts.

  • Public PK-12 districts
  • Private PK-12 schools
  • Regional Offices of Education & Programs
  • Special Education Districts & Cooperatives
  • Vocational Technology Schools
  • Learning Technology Centers
  • Educational Service Agencies
  • Additional entities may be eligible depending on the individual contracts
Apply to ILTPP

ILTPP Members are defined as those entities who have an account within the ILTPP Marketplace as well as those who have purchased through an ILTPP contract within the previous fiscal year. Membership is renewed annually unless terminated by the Member.

  1. Register on the Marketplace. For instructions on how to register and create an account view our new member tutorial.
  2. Submit your tax exempt letter as proof of identity. Wait for the Program Manager to approve the membership within 24 hours.
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email verifying your membership.
Membership Application