Logitech: Classroom of the Now

Creating flexible learning environments for better learning outcomes.

Learning is no longer bound by the physical walls of a classroom. Instead, learning happens with a high level of flexibility and collaboration that extends student capabilities—and extends opportunities to more students.

Intuitive tools tailored for today’s changing classroom make this possible. These tools enable multiple learning modalities like individualized learning and small group collaborations, accommodate different learning structures like in-person and hybrid, and address the individual needs of students based on their stage of development or learning needs.

To achieve these benefits, tools must: 

  • Ensure the technology is accessible and inclusive.
  • Make a measurable difference to students and educators.
  • Be flexible and simple enough to be used by all students.

The full whitepaper on Logitech Classroom of the Now will guide you through the process of changing solutions for a changing classroom. Both JourneyEd and Logitech can help you shape the future of education in your school.

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