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Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and hardware that enable teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

ILTPP currently holds an RFP-awarded contract with Troxell for Interactive Touch Screen Displays. Boxlight Mimio and 6 other manufacturers are covered within this RFP.
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FREE Downloadable Guides

Learn more about everything from the latest STEM applications to funding strategies with Boxlight Mimio’s free downloadable guides. Check back in with Boxlight for updated versions and the newest additions.

Launch Tech Successfully Guide

Boxlight has created this comprehensive guide with input from education and technology experts who have experienced many successful tech launches. The lessons they learned along the way can help you navigate your next tech implementation.

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The Big Guide to STEM

A focus on STEM learning is necessary in order for students to be competitive in the future job market. In fact, STEM occupations are growing at a rate of 17%, compared to 9.8% in other professions. It’s time to make STEM a priority for all students. In this guide, Boxlight discusses the many ways to incorporate STEM learning into the classroom.

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Mobile Devices Guide

A Helpful Guide to Mobile Devices in the Classroom – This valuable resource includes information on mobile-device trends in education, a quick reference to mobile devices, how mobile devices can lead to deeper learning, and a list of popular apps and helpful sites.

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Funding Guides

Learn How to Get the Funding You Need – Mimio has created 5 downloadable Funding Guides. Each guide focuses on a single fund and explains specifically how Mimio technology qualifies for that fund. These guides can help you bring interactive technology to your school.

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Collaboration Guide

Collaborative Activities for Grades K-12 – This guide provides helpful information on creating your own collaborative classroom. Boxlight offers a number of engaging collaborative lessons, organized by grade level and subject area. All lessons meet the Common Core State Standards, include tips, and can be used with or without educational technology.

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Interactive Solutions in the Classroom 2nd Edition

As you strive to find ways to better engage students and motivate learning, you recognize that using interactive technology in the classroom is key. But the search for the right choice of interactive solution—one that offers clear images, touch technology, collaborative abilities, seamless integration, and fits your budget—can be daunting.

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Guide to Interactive Flat Panel Displays in the Classroom

This guide can help educators overcome some of the hurdles they face when choosing and implementing interactive flat panel displays. In the guide, the key factors to consider when selecting the right display for your purposes are outlined.

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FREE Downloadable Webinars

Hear from experts and leaders in the field of education and technology by joining Boxlight’s On-Demand Webinar series. All presenters are involved with schools and making an impact every day. Watch now as they share insights into creating successful learning environments. Real insights from real leaders.

Teacher Choice = Teacher Success: How Personalized PD Keeps Teachers Learning

Long-term, sustainable improvements in student outcomes are grounded in improving teacher effectiveness. Join Dr. Althe Allen and Thea Andrade from the Phoenix Union High School District along with Dr. Aleksandra Leis and Daniel Leis from Boxlight EOS as they discuss how putting the teacher at the center of the PD experience has catalyzed the technology adoption process.

Rethinking Technology Integration in the Classroom

Integrating new technology into your curriculum can often be challenging. Lynn Erickson, Educational Technology Specialist for Stafford Public Schools and Paul Gigliotti, Social Studies Teacher and Tech Enthusiast, will show you how to do it seamlessly and easily using some of the strategies from the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) and TPAC (Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) models. In addition, they will show you how tech can go beyond the confines of the classroom walls.

Innovations Bringing STEM and Robotics to Today’s Classrooms

Charles Foley, Chairman of the Board for Critical Links, Inc., Boxlight Advisory Council and Stephen Barker, Boxlight VP of STEM Education discuss innovative solutions that change this paradigm to allow students to explore and learn the concepts of programming, robotics, and IoT using a device as simple as a basic PC, tablet, or smartphone—without network infrastructure or expensive workstations.

Atlanta Public Schools Secrets to Success

Instructional technology and information technology are the perfect pairing for a successful 21st century classroom implementation. Aleigha Henderson-Rosser and Femi Aina will outline their process to procure LED panels and share examples of how to engage students in 21st century learning by fostering collaboration and creativity.

Presented by Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Executive Director, Instructional Technology and Femi Aina, Executive Director of Information Technology.

Redesigning Learning Spaces

Gregory Haulk, Superintendent of Huntington Beach City School District (HBSC), and Kevin Mulligan, President of OnPoint Innovative Learning Environments, will share their best practices from HBSC’s district modernization project, which redesigned classrooms and implemented technology to achieve collaborative learning strategies that support 21st century skills.

Presented by Kelly Bielefeld, Curriculum Coordinator & Adjunct Professor and Gregory Haulk, Superintendent.

Have Science. Will Travel. STEM on the Move.

The key to students’ success with STEM education is not only to learn, but to also understand how these areas apply to the world around them. Critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities go hand in hand as necessary components to help students prepare for their future. Discover how you can help bring these skills together with inquiry-based learning in the science lab using the Labdisc portable STEM lab and perform experiments on the go—for all students from K-12.

Presented by Travis Rink, High School Assistant Principal & Former Science Teacher.

The Research Behind Why Technology in the Classroom Really Works

We often ask ourselves whether the investment in classroom technology is really worth it and whether it even works. In this webinar we will explore the science behind why technology implementation can successfully increase engagement and learning. You’ll also learn how you can do this in your districts or school classrooms.

Presented by Dan Winkler, Mimio Chief Technology officer, and Christopher Leonardo, Head of Mimio R&D.

5 Tips to Make Your Lessons More Engaging and More Effective

Effective lesson design encourages student engagement, interactivity, and collaboration, and facilitates assessment. Start with your existing lessons or ones found on, and learn how to make them even better with Mimio technology. This webinar will provide five tips to show you how you can incorporate simple techniques into the lessons you create or already have, to make them more effective. Mimio products let you incorporate mobile devices to make lessons more engaging and collaborative. Your instructors are expert at using Mimio in their own classrooms, and can offer firsthand instructional design ideas that will make your students’ learning experience much more interactive.

Presented by Lindy George, Instructional Technology Specialist, Collier County Public Schools, Naples, FL and Claire Pavia, Third Grade Teacher, Hinckley-Big Rock Elementary School, Sandwich, IL.

Why You Should Fall in Love with Your Classroom Mobile Devices

If you have mobile devices available in your school and classroom, you have a tremendous educational resource available. The trick is realizing how powerful these can be and how to really integrate them with student learning. With the latest MimioStudio software and MimioMobile app, you can use practically any mobile device or laptop to engage students with interactive lessons. This webinar will provide tips and suggestions for using the collaboration, assessment, and teacher control features of the MimioMobile app. Get ready to fall in love with all your mobile devices!

Presented by Dr. Roland Rios, Technology Director, Fort Sam Houston ISD, San Antonio, TX.

How to Get the Funding You Need for the Technology You Want

Dr. Jenny House, education and technology expert, will discuss the federal, state, and private funds that are available now to help you obtain the technology you want — from laptops to IWBs. She will focus on the key funding issues you should consider as you purchase products to support your 2015-16 programs. You’ll also get a quick overview of the funding landscape and hear about some competitive funds that schools may apply for in the coming months. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions pertinent to their own regions or funding needs.

Presented by Jenny House, Ph.D.-President and Principal RedRock Reports.

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