Showcase Day 1: Immense Support from ILTPP Members

This morning, ILTPP hosted its first day of the 2020 ILTPP Showcase: Gone Virtual. The morning was dedicated to Technology Resource Advisor’s (TRA) Chris Elkendier’s 2020 Chromebook Overview.

With over 50 attendees, ILTPP is beyond thrilled to see the response from Illinois edtech leaders during such a tremendous time of uncertainty. ILTPP members were engaged, communicative, and involved throughout the entire presentation via TRA’s noteworthy webinar platform.

Chris took the time to present his objective and in-depth Chromebook evaluation of devices from the following brands: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. While presenting, he had a team of experts on the side, ready to answer any and all questions.

In addition, Chris had some recommendations for Chromebook cases, including Higher Ground, Bump Armor, NutKase, Brenthaven, InfoCase, MAXcases, and Gumdrop. He recommends to never purchase a neoprene case, as they hold odor and are difficult to clean.

With the above information in mind, ILTPP was astonished by the overwhelming support we received from members in regards to securing their attendance and shifting schedules to suit the state’s needs. The 2020 ILTPP Showcase was meant to be an in-person, statewide tour. Yet, we managed to still hold the event and maintain registrants! This is all thanks to our valued vendor partners and members; for continuing to drive the program onwards and upwards.

If interested in viewing the on-demand webinar, please feel free to view it below. *This link is available for a short time!

Chris Elkendier
Director of Education Sector
414-276-3300 x300

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