Requesting a Quote or Making an Order? Always Mention ILTPP!

Is your school or district looking to make an educational technology purchase for the 2020-2021 school year? Going 1:1? Renewing software licensing? Or simply upgrading your STEM lab? The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) can assist you in saving time and money with all educational technology purchases.

Who is ILTPP?

ILTPP is a statewide cooperative of Illinois educational entities that aggregate buying power and expertise to procure technology products and services from quality vendor partners while providing valued communication and collaboration. We are an initiative of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) and contribute to the LTC’s mission of building statewide capacity for educational change through technology-related professional learning, programs, initiatives, and support.

ILTPP is an Illinois Chief Procurement Office Approved Cooperative/Consortium.

Contract savings with numerous vendors & manufacturers.

Through member-driven efforts, ILTPP signs contracts with top educational technology vendors for the utilization of schools, districts, cooperatives, municipalities, government and state agencies, as well as libraries. With almost 50 contracts, ILTPP provides its members with a wide array of manufacturer and vendor discounts.

Always identify yourself as an ILTPP member.

Each contract is free to utilize for the duration of the agreement. For hassle-free savings, always identify yourself as an ILTPP member. This applies to discussing savings with a vendor, requesting a quote, or placing an order.

Reference a contract number for extra security.

Reference an ILTPP contract number with a vendor to ensure you are getting the most competitive pricing. This is found on each vendor’s dedicated contract page, under ‘Ordering Info’.

To compare pricing across multiple contracts, ILTPP provides two options:

  1. Begin your free membership and login. Once logged in, you can find each contract’s distinctive pricing directly below the contract link under ‘Ordering Info’.
  2. Complete our Quote Request Form. Click the ‘Quote Request’ button in the top right of the ILTPP website and complete the form with as much information as you can provide us. Select which vendor partners you would like for us to contact to compare pricing. Please allow for 2-4 business days to receive a completed quote package with the most competitive prices provided. This is a free service!

Get to know us!

We make the greatest effort to engage with our members and get to know their unique needs. ILTPP attends many education conferences throughout the year, including IETC, IDEA, IPA, IASBO, and AISLE. If you see us, come on by the booth and let us know how we can help. For the latest updates, events, and other timely educational technology news, connect with us by signing up for our newsletter or giving us a follow!

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