CDW-G: ILTPP Contract Becomes Even Stronger

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) and CDW-G full catalog contract is stronger than ever thanks to a joint effort made possible by the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA).


The Enhanced Ordering Site

An ILTPP-specific ordering site was created by CDW-G for ILTPP members. It allows for quick and easy access to custom, ILTPP-pricing searches on full catalog products and services. Within this page, you can find featured products, categorical interests, dedicated account manager contacts, and ILTPP pricing on all CDW-G products.

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The Monthly Flyers

CDW-G’s marketing team is leading the way with the very first edition of an ILTPP Monthly Flyer. ILTPP is excited about this addition due to the fact that others have followed suit. This exclusive inclusion provides monthly, updated information to our members.

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The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies

AEPA is a multi-state non-profit organization made up of Educational Service Agencies / political subdivisions organized through a Memorandum of Understanding between all participating states. AEPA is a national cooperative with contracts competitively bid and tailored to meet each school and agency, no matter the size. With shrinking budgets and fewer resources, AEPA was founded with the sole purpose to leverage equal level purchasing power.

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