In the News: ILTPP and SPS-K12 Announce New Partnership

ILTPP and Student Provisioning Services, or SPS, are excited to announce a new partnership that will help IT departments save time and make sure that students are Tech Ready From Day 1! As a leading education technology company, SPS understands the challenges IT departments face. The automated active directory solution is second to none. Creating and maintaining an accurate active directory is critical to your learning community but it can be difficult and time-consuming.

SPS completely automates the creation and maintenance of student accounts in Active Directory or e-Directory. Most districts then have their local directory synchronized with Google Apps for Education or G-Suite so they are immediately created in Google as well. If your district does not have this configured, it can be added on and set up with product implementation.

SPS maintains the account for the full life cycle and in some cases will also disable an account if a student leaves or changes to a status where their account should not be active (such as expulsions).

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As a bonus, SPS provides a password reset portal for teachers to be able to reset passwords right in the classroom without having any administrative rights to the network itself, allowing them to get students back on task without any involvement from the tech department.

SPS has partnered with as one option for a seamless data transfer experience.

ILTPP members get special pricing through this partnership. Ask about additional discounts and deals that are available through June 30th. Click here to learn more.

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