Zero-Touch Chromebook Deployment

An easier and safer deployment

FireFly Computers wants to help you be great at your job. Right now, that means paying attention to things like sanitation, minimal handling, and safe distribution of student learning devices. With the FireFly Zero-Touch Deployment Services, you’ll be able to get great devices in front of your students without anyone at the school ever having to touch them

Your devices will arrive set up exactly the way you want them. FireFly will assign specific OUs, pre-load apps, and adjust whatever settings you want. Before shipping, each Chromebook will be individually-bagged and inserted into a slotted divider, making it easy to distribute it straight from the box. FireFly can even pre-sort shipments by grade, location, OU, or any other segment you want. Just tell FireFly your preferences and the company will find a way!

FireFly Zero-Touch Chromebook Deployment is absolutely the safest and easiest way to distribute devices to your students. It’s also friendlier on your budget than you may think. Contact your FireFly dedicated Account Manager today for a zero-risk quote.



As an ILTPP Member, Chromebooks and additional discounts vary. Contact your dedicated Account Manager for details.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Marissa Kolmer
Senior Account Manager

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