Membership Terms

Participation Agreement

This Membership Agreement (the Agreement) is effective between the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) and all current and future members of ILTPP (Member) effective December 1, 2017.

By accessing, browsing, or using ILTPP services or by accepting the Agreement during membership registration, the Member agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement.

Nature of Service

ILTPP is a statewide cooperative of Illinois K-12 educational organizations that aggregate our buying power and expertise to procure technology products and services at better prices than is available to an individual organization. ILTPP’s mission is to provide accessible, high quality and affordable learning resources and opportunities that transform lives and strengthen education communities of our members.

Member Benefits

Membership is free and will allow you to view ILTPP contracts, make quote requests, and participate in Member-only events and pricing opportunities.  As a Member, you may have the opportunity to participate in one of our committee groups.

Membership Eligibility

All PK-12 school districts and educational service agencies in Illinois are eligible to participate in ILTPP contracts, including the following:

  • Public PK-12 districts
  • Private PK-12 schools
  • Regional Offices of Education & Programs
  • Special Education Districts & Cooperatives
  • Vocational Technology Schools
  • Learning Technology Centers
  • Educational Service Agencies
  • Non-Profits*
  • Federal and State Agencies*
  • Municipalities*

Additional entities may be eligible depending on the individual contracts. Please contact the ILTPP Program Manager if you do not see your agency category listed above.

Membership Application

Eligible institutions may apply for Membership. Following approval of the institutional membership account, individual users from the institution must apply for accounts to access benefits and services, including but not limited to exclusive ILTPP pricing.

Applicants completing the institutional and individual membership application certify that they have the authority to join ILTPP on behalf of their institution. Third party service agencies, like technology support firms, may not join ILTPP as an institutional member but may join as an individual member representing an approved institutional member.

Membership is valid for three years, at which time members will be prompted to renew their membership. The individual membership account is nontransferable. With membership there are no minimum use requirements in order to keep membership in good standing.

Privacy Policy

ILTPP’s information and collection policies with respect to privacy, specifically with Member Information, can be found in the Privacy Policy.


All purchases are made through manufacturers or resellers. Members do not purchase directly through ILTPP, and Members are responsible for all costs related to purchases through ILTPP contracts and services. Pricing and discounts listed under vendor pages are monitored by ILTPP but are ultimately the vendor’s responsibility to ensure accuracy. ILTPP is not liable for any pricing that is inaccurately displayed.

No personal purchases may be made through any of our programs. Additionally, items are not intended for resale use by an organization to any staff, student, or for any other retail sale purposes.

Availability and Use of the Site

The ILTPP website is available 24-hours a day. If contacting a vendor directly, be aware that the vendor will only be available during their respective business hours. Vendor business hours are typically listed on their website. Similarly, quote requests may be placed at any time, and vendors will only respond to requests during their regular business hours. ILTPP encourages members to report vendor response times that are longer the six hours.

Confidential Information and Privacy

ILTPP will not sell or rent Member’s personal information to third parties without Members explicit consent. ILTPP takes precautions to protect your personal information that you share on the ILTPP website, but ILTPP does not warrant the security of that information. Any confidential information made available to you on the site should not be disclosed to third parties. You must not allow any third party to access the website with your account credentials. When using the ILTPP website, you must respect the privacy and legal rights of other members.


Members shall indemnify and hold ILTPP (and its staff) harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of Members breaching this Agreement, or Members violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

Termination of Membership

If you no longer wish to have a registered member account or wish to terminate your account, you may do so by contacting the ILTPP Program Manager. Continued use of ILTPP services or website indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions listed above. Content posted to the ILTPP site will not be deleted or retired as a result of membership termination. ILTPP may at any point, for any reason, take the following actions without notice:

  1. Interrupt or suspend or cancel your account.
  2. Interrupt or suspend any services available on the website.


There are no fees associated with the Membership for participating institutions. All vendor partners are assessed a small administrative fee as part of the contractual agreement for participation and marketing efforts on behalf of ILTPP. Each of those fees are defined within the contract.

Governing Law

This Agreement shall be constructed under and governed in accordance with the laws of Illinois.


Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association.

Limitation of Liability

Members shall not hold ILTPP responsible for other Members content, actions, or inactions.

Changes to ILTPP Terms

ILTPP may change these terms at any time and, if we make changes, we will take reasonable steps to let our Membership know about the changes. You can also keep track of whether changes have been made to our terms by referring to the version and effective date at the footer of the terms. You can close your Account and terminate your agreement with us at any time if you do not agree to the changes. However, if you continue to use ILTPP after the changes are made, then you will be agreeing to the changes.

* Review individual contracts for eligibility and participation.