ThinkPad Series Explained: E, L, and T-Series

Original FireFly Article | Anthony Braulick, FireFly’s Lenovo Specialist, talks through Lenovo’s 2020 updates and the main differences between ThinkPad’s E, L, and T-Series. Learn what devices could be a good fit for your students and staff.

Lenovo has undergone some major changes to their ThinkPad naming conventions this year. It’s one of the biggest changes we’ll see in 2020 for ThinkPads, but don’t let the new names throw you. Like before, you can still identify the screen size just by looking at the name. Devices ending in “3” have a 13” screen, devices ending in “4” have a 14” screen, and so on. However, the generation denotation (the second number), and the processor code (0 or 5 depending on whether the processor is Intel or AMD respectively), are being dropped. That leaves us with a simpler, cleaner naming code: Series + Screen Size. Here’s a list of all the ThinkPad name changes so far: 

Improved Audio and Far-field Microphones

With dispersed workforces in mind–all of whom are still adjusting to the increasing need for video/phone conferencing–Lenovo added Dolby sound innovation and far-field microphones across the entire ThinkPad portfolio. With 2020 ThinkPads, you’ll be able to hear and be heard more clearly during remote conversations with fellow staff, students, and coworkers.

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