The New CTL Chromebooks & Chromebox Have Arrived

In the October edition of the CTL monthly catalog, the launch of the company’s newest devices was announced, including the CTL Chromebox CBx2 series and X3200 Monitor!

CTL’s updated Chromebox models come in two varieties with different processor and storage options depending on your needs. These devices pair perfectly with the all-new 32” X3200 monitor. With crisp QHD graphics, you will definitely want this display for your workspace. Grab yours today and browse the rest of the catalog for more news like why CTL is experiencing record-high demand!

CTL Launches New Chromebox CBx2 Series

The CTL Chromebox CBx2 series is a highly-anticipated upgrade from the Chromebox CBx1 versions. Users have more capabilities and functionality with higher-powered processors and more storage options. Explore more and ramp up productivity with two new additions to CTL’s line of Chromeboxes. Find out which model works best for you today!

Full HD (FHD) vs HD – What Is The Difference?

What exactly is Full HD (FHD) and how is it a step up from High Definition? Read on to see how High Definition and Full High Definition compare and why the newest 14″ CTL Chromebook NL81 series is one of the best and most affordable computer options out there.

Extended Due to Popular Demand – Jamboards up to $2500 off!

Google continues to take the education and enterprise world by storm with the latest technology in Chrome devices like Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and tablets. But did you know about Google Jamboards and the incredible value it can provide for any work space? For a limited time, save up to $2500 on each Jamboard!

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