The Autonomous Enterprise: Many Vendors, Many Choices

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Since 1996, Extreme Networks has been pushing the boundaries of networking technology, driven by a vision of making it simpler and faster as well as more agile and secure. But Extreme’s higher purpose has always been helping customers connect beyond the network… strengthening their relationships with those they serve.

Autonomous Enterprise:

An industry trend that networking vendors speak to in different ways. All versions are based on or identified to leverage cognitive thinking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities to proactively detect and remediate network & security events. 

Solution NameIntent-Based NetworkingExperience-Driven NetworkingSelf-Driving Network
The MessagesIntent-Based Networking captures business intent and uses analytics, machine learning, and automation to align the network continuously to changing business needs.Experience-Driven service management platform, 5 core feature sets; planning & deployment, analytics, performance, security & extensibility, to automate and optimize the delivery of network services.Self-Driving Network, similar to a self-driving car, is an autonomous network that is predictive and adaptive to its environment. Supports multi-vendor environment.
The LimitationsMultiple proprietary automation & orchestration solutions (data center, campus, SD-WAN, Cloud, etc.) that do not interwork as a single system. System-wide modifications still require multiple touches of components.Yet to clearly define their architecture or solution. Current web message – developing features and collateral to tell a story for management and operations solutions… As the content is created, they will expand on what falls into each category to solve use cases in a holistic manner.Service provider focused, trying to leverage architecture to enter enterprise market. No integrated edge to data center solution, another solution comprised of multiple silos with no single orchestration/
automation solutions.

Extreme’s Advantage:

Extreme’s software-driven network infrastructure is a foundational layer for enabling a secure, scalable, and efficient use of cloud, edge, and IoT applications. The company offers pervasive real-time visibility from its cloud to your to deliver insights and security across a broad range of infrastructure and cloud environments. With Extreme’s policy-driven closed-loop automation, the network can detect anomalous behavior from IoT devices, users, or applications, and automatically resolve issues without intervention. Unlike other vendors with proprietary solutions, Extreme offers multi-vendor support in an open and standards-based ecosystem.

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