Smart Buddies: Teaching Everyone to Code

As of this month, Pitsco Education will be releasing Smart Buddies™ Coding Solution to Encourage Diversity in STEM.

SmartGurlz™ and Pitsco Education have partnered to launch Smart Buddies this month! This new addition to Pitsco’s K-12 STEM products and services allows both companies to continue bringing quality, approachable, hands-on STEM learning tools to every student.

The goal of Smart Buddies is to provide a unique coding solution in collaboration with a curriculum that focuses on increasing diversity awareness for third- to fifth-grade students throughout the US and Canada.

With a diverse grouping of characters resembling today’s students, Smart Buddies enable learners to better depict themselves working with STEM and coding. Smart Buddies address integral issues such as diversity, race, gender difference, and conflict resolution while encouraging students to express interest in science, engineering, and the arts. The block-based coding behind Smart Buddies allows them to control the movements of their characters while mastering problem-solving techniques that cover fundamental coding concepts such as sequences, loops, events, conditionals, functions, and variables. By utilizing an app designed for application directly after downloading, Smart Buddies will keep students occupied and learning for hours!

Smart Buddies Features:

  • Highly engaging
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Maximizes learning outcomes
  • Core curriculum
  • STEM to other classes
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Code of conduct

This handy digital resource details the value of robotics and coding to both students and staff while predicting the future of the curriculum and technology surrounding the two. Check it out below!

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