Avail Digital Program for Students with IDD/Autism

Avail Support provides digital and individualized teaching of goals noted in educational plans for students with Autism and other cognitive related disabilities. This remote learning and support platform supports educators by enabling them to address educational needs to those who are most at risk, difficult to support, and require more personalized approaches.

This digital program will adhere to and support best practice guidelines relating to COVID-19 while supporting the educational needs of K-12 students with Autism and other cognitive related disabilities:

  • Provide continuous learning relating to IEP’s and Transition Plans
  • Each digital profile will have practical educational content and goals which will focus on functional life and employment skills, which can be practiced at home and monitored by educators and Avail Support
  • A developed turnkey curriculum which can be offered and implemented at scale, and further personalized to meet each student’s unique needs

Avail Support is available for discounted purchase via TechXtend, contract number ILTPP-20T03. Always be sure to mention ILTPP when requesting a quote or making a purchase!

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Kevin Askew
Vice President & General Manager
800-441-1511 x7246

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