Prowise Interactive Panels and Software- More Than Your Traditional Interactive Solution

Prowise offers an interactive panel solution and easy to use software program to bring your classroom into the 21st Century. Not only does the Prowise panel have a built in PC module with a 10 point touch screen, it also is the perfect platform to run the easy to use Presenter software. Presenter offers a blank canvas for students to explore and create; whether it’s a research project on NASA, or an exploration of addition problems, Presenter is the all-in-one tool. And for teachers, ProQuiz helps create exit slips with real time data easier than ever! The cloud based system interacts with ANY internet enabled device, allowing teachers or their students to access information anytime, anywhere.

As your school begins to look towards creating 21st Century learning spaces, check out the Prowise website to begin your exploration of all it has to offer. And while you’re there, don’t forget to download the FREE Presenter software!

Click here to learn more and how to order using the ILTPP contract.

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