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Hands-on, minds-on learning can happen anywhere and everywhere.

If you’re looking for STEMspiration because of an unexpected homeschooling need, you’re in the midst of an uncommon education experience, or you just want to have fun, Pitsco Education has a few ideas.

Grades K-5

Let’s make something! Structures, connections, memories . . . make them all! Our 2019-2020 Elementary STEM catalog shares some great STEM activity ideas, many of which can be slightly modified to use readily available household items. We’ve got five activities of varying complexity and direction to get you started. And, what about a little STEAM to that STEM? We’ve got art connections throughout the catalog, in these activities, and in a series of downloadable color pages.

Grades 6-9

Find everyday STEM, fast facts, trends and related topics, and much more in our SySTEM Alert! publication. Download and explore recent issues! A quiz and answer key are available for each as well.

January-February 2020
August-October 2019

Fun For All Ages

STEM has no age limits! Trying is half the fun and failing forward is highly encouraged. Pitsco’s ‘Try This’ kits encourage design, creativity, engineering, and more. And YOU can create your own version of the Try This kit at home!

Engineer your own sail car with cardboard, popsicle sticks, paper, straws, or other recycled materials. Set it in front of a fan and see how far it goes. Re-engineer to go faster or farther!
Got some tissue paper and string? Construct a parachute, attach a weight, and drop from a high-ish distance. Change the weight and time the fall to see the effect.
Pipe cleaners and straws. That’s all you need. Make 3-D shapes. Look up regular and semiregular polyhedra and build your favorite one. BONUS – Look up Euler’s formula too!


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