Pitsco’s 2020 Big Book catalog now available!

Flying into a new decade…with drones!

2020 is sure to bring some pretty awesome things to life –  and the team at Pitsco Education can confirm that this year they are thrilled to offer brand new STEM products that will make 2020 epic!

Let’s start by introducing a few of Pitsco’s brand-new products that are featured in the recently launched 2020 Big Book catalog!

  • Drone Arena
    We’ve made integrating drones into your workday a breeze! We’re excited to offer indoor/outdoor drone arenas, drone curriculum, and a drone competition elements package for middle and high school students. The drone arena is available in two sizes, 10’x10’ and 10’x20’, and is ideal to use outdoors, or in gymnasium, classroom, or school lobby.
  • Code Cube
    Coding is front and center of the Big Book and we think it should be the highlight in your classroom as well. Pitsco is proud to offer our very first codable wearable, Code Cube, to the upper elementary market. Code Cube is designed to teach potentially intimidating coding concepts in a no-fear environment. Students can be coding in less than five minutes!
  • Innovation Workstation + Maker Space Cart Plus
    Could your makerspace use a new look? Maybe extra storage, or a collaborative workspace? BINGO! Enters the Innovation Workstation and the Pitsco Maker Space Cart Plus. We have exactly what you need. The Innovation Workstation encourages collaboration and ideation in any area- with its portability and storage access, students will be creating in no time! Add in the Maker Space Cart Plus, and your area will be the hub of project inspiration. This new cart is filled with STEM materials, supplies, and equipment to create any type of project- the possibilities are endless!

Plus, ILTPP members get 2% off their purchase of Pitsco products along with free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Remember to enter promo code AEPA22 during checkout! Best of luck in 2020!

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