Newsela Supports Illinois Curriculum Mandates

It can be challenging for districts to address Illinois Curriculum Mandates with standards-aligned content that engages students while providing teachers with the instructional support they need to bring the mandates to life.

Newsela takes authentic, real-world content from trusted sources and makes it instruction-ready for K-12 classrooms. Each text is published at five reading levels, so content is accessible to every learner. Newsela content meets the needs of Illinois curriculum mandates, including Civics Education, Black History, LGBTQ+ Studies, Illinois History, and many more.

Newsela provides content that is:

  • AUTHENTIC: From the real world, about real and relatable people and topics
  • ACCESSIBLE: Differentiated at 5 levels, representative of every learner
  • ACTIVE: Never stale, always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world
  • ACCOUNTABLE: Ensures educators and students are taking responsibility for learning
  • ALIGNED: Aligned to key standards, frameworks, and commonly used curriculum

The document below gives examples of how districts can bring curriculum mandates to life with Newsela’s engaging content.

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