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Rochester City School District reimagines the teaching environment with color, collaboration and flexibility.

“Leaders of the Rochester City School District came to a few important conclusions several years ago: They needed to modernize instruction; they wanted education to be engaging and interactive; and redesigned learning spaces would be a big piece of the puzzle. 

To achieve that vision, the district launched a one-to-one program, invested in digital content and increased professional development for teachers. Guiding these efforts was a desire to move away from traditional content delivery to new instructional models, such as blended and project-based learning.”

Learn how RCSD leaders are investing in classrooms to ensure physical spaces facilitate the transition to new pedagogies below!

BLUEPRINT TO DESIGN: The Bridge To Creating Collaborative Spaces; A CDW•G Methodology & Customer Workbook

A MODERN LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Three key aspects — technology, flexible furniture and audiovisual tools — help propel classrooms and students into the future.

While most of the public conversation about K–12 education centers on topics such as test scores, learning standards and teacher quality and retention, the actual environment in which students learn is often neglected. And yet, the design of classroom spaces and other learning areas throughout schools can have an outsized impact on student outcomes ranging from academic growth and engagement to improved health and classroom behavior. Modern learning environments seamlessly integrate technology into spaces that are designed around teaching and learning, giving instructors and students the tools they need to succeed in a physical setting that promotes collaboration and supports multiple learning styles. While connected devices are an important part of modern learning environments, audiovisual equipment and even classroom furniture are also essential to creating spaces that are conducive to teaching that focuses on future-ready skills. A modern learning environment requires more than just investments in physical assets. Although the concept of the modern learning environment is still emerging, a consensus is already forming around best practices, which include a commitment to student-centered learning and professional development for educators.

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