MESH: Blended Media Literacy, Ethics, Sociology, & History

Mackin Educational Resources knows that those educators curious about a new, timely extension to STEM or STEAM curriculum are now looking into MESH education. Blending Media literacyEthicsSociology, and History, this ideology brings necessary real-world skills and education to the forefront. MESH provides a new perspective perfect for helping students navigate in today’s ever-changing world.

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Media Literacy: Focuses on a person’s ability to separate truth from fiction. Topics included within the list are the media, fake news, propaganda, advertising, politics and the media, critical thinking, and how to find credible information.

Ethics: This specific list is focused on ethical issues and highlights responsible decision making, seeing all sides of an issue, and acting on what was learned.

Sociology: Topics within this list are focused on sociology and societal issues, social power relationships, inequality, group dynamics, and group activism.

History: Provides an emphasis on many aspects of world, modern, and ancient histories. Learning about our history allows us to better understand how our past has shaped today and allows us to forge a better future.

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