Lightspeed Systems Announces NEW Addition of Analytics

CDW-G and Lightspeed Systems recently partnered to announce the addition of Analytics, powered by Relay. This new software solution pulls together all the usage information for devices, apps, applications, and online resources into a single, actionable dashboard.

CDW-G is a certified reseller of all Lightspeed Systems offerings, such as student safety and device management products on the Relay platform. These solutions allow schools to monitor content and manage their hardware in order to easily keep track of all their PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. This ensures that all staff and students have the apps and programs that they need for a great learning experience!

Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

With Analytics powered by Relay, you can drill down details on each individual app, software, or online resource to show which classes, groups, or schools are utilizing it, as well as report on used/unused licenses, analyze the cost and ROI, and much more.

• Get an overview of all apps in use

• Ensure data and privacy compliance

• Know where your budget goes

• Make the most of free resources

• Get a snapshot of app usage

• Identify opportunities for increased adoption

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

John Buttita
Sales Manager

Aiden Kahn
Regional Sales Manager

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