ILTPP 2019 Showcase Recap

This year’s showcase was a full-day series hosted in Rock Falls, Mahomet, Jacksonville, and Vandalia. The series ran from March 18th-21st and featured overviews on many of the latest products from top education manufacturers for your 1:1 device initiatives and interactive classroom tools.

The morning session was presented by Chris Elkendier with Technology Resource Advisors (TRA). Chris compared nearly 50 different devices including Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo during the TRA Chromebook device 2019 Overview. The afternoon session focused on the Interactive Flat Panel Offerings from the ILTPP RFP agreement with vendor partner Troxell Communications. Manufacturer representatives from BenQ, Boxlight, Newline, Promethean, and ViewSonic highlighted the latest technology features available in helping simplify lesson prep for teachers to engage and collaborate with students.

This free event allowed for technology decision-makers to truly interact with the latest technology being implemented in Illinois K-12 schools. The presenters adapted to each of the four environments while remaining pleasant and captivating. Attendees were equally engaged.

After doubling our previous years attendee numbers, ILTPP is pleased to announce that we are already working toward plans for a 2020 Showcase!

A few exciting stats:

96% of surveyed attendees were satisfied with the event.

100% found at least one of the two sessions (46% both) to be useful and informative.

88% of those surveyed are likely to make a tech purchase based on the information shared.

88% are likely to attend the 2020 Showcase.

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