How to Automate Staff Accounts for School Districts

Student Provisioning Services (SPS) has provided student account automation for MicroFocus eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory for over six years now. Recently, the company has been working with more schools to automate their staff accounts as well. This can be a more complicated process for many reasons, especially for K12 schools, but the problem isn’t unique to schools.

While there is inherent value in automating staff accounts by eliminating the tasks associated with it and the possibility of human error, there is another significant advantage. The real value in this process comes from taking the time to apply the data in a way that will enable automation of staff-related email distribution lists through group memberships. 

Illinois School District Modernizes Data Management with Student Provisioning Services After Going 1:11

Prior to implementing SPS, Mahomet-Seymour Community School District was managing student account creation, deletion, grade level promotion, and suspension manually. Accounts were not being created with a standard format which caused many problems. They often forgot to deactivate student accounts upon graduation or other exit events. Staff did not know who to reach out to for account creation because several people “took care” of it. Staff and students were very frustrated with the time it took to get changes through the system, impacting learning time in and out of the classroom, wasting precious time and man hours that should have been focused elsewhere.

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