Eliminate Paper with Adobe Sign While Improving Student, Staff and Faculty Experiences

JourneyEd, assists districts in not only eliminating paper with Adobe Sign, but accessing significant savings via the ILTPP full catalog agreement! Learn more below.

Easy to send. Easy to sign.

There’s no learning curve for e-signing — quickly e-sign forms, contracts, agreements, and other documents. It’s as easy as email.

Make it easy to fill out and sign forms on your website.

Instantly convert any document into an online form so your students, faculty and staff info can easily be filled out and recorded by you.

Capture a lot of signatures with a single click.

Whether you have a large group of students, employees, or  faculty that need to fill out and sign a document, Adobe Sign’s Mega Sign tool makes it easy for you to send and track everything.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Christine McConnell
Senior Account Manager

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