Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions for Education

Challenges that Students & Teachers Face Today

During these trying times that are touching all of us, we all are still figuring out ways to move forward and work and live in new ways that were unimaginable only two short months ago. JourneyEd and Dragon Speech are also mindful of these new challenges that students and teachers face today including:

  • Students: Papers, notes, presentations, assignments, online research & communication- that’s all Digital
  • Teachers: Grading, administration work, online research & communication- that’s all Digital
  • Rise of Repetitive Stress injuries in Students (RSI’s)
  • Addressing Multiple Learning Styles
  • Students who are English Language Learners

How can Dragon Speech Recognition help?

  • Enhance Word Recognition, Pronunciation & Comprehension with “Read That” & “Playback” Features
  • Listen & Follow what’s being read on the Screen
  • Self-Assess Writing to make Edits & Corrections
  • Boost Reading & Spelling Skills
  • Address multiple learning styles by Improving Sentence Structure & Word Recognition
  • Jumpstart the Writing Process Resulting in More Language Production

Dragon is more important than ever during these challenging times as we learn to work & study within the new reality of Covid-19. Dragon can assist students to help increase productivity.

Dragon Speech is available for discounted purchase via the ILTPP-JourneyEd full catalog contract. Contact your dedicated Account Manager to request a quote or to learn more about saving with JourneyEd. Don’t forget to mention ILTPP.

Contact your dedicated Account Manager:

Christine McConnell
Senior Account Manager

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