CTL Announces Software Partnership and Integration with Squid Premium

CTL Announces Software Partnership and Integration with Squid Premium edition of note-taking software included with every CTLNL7TW-360 Chromebook through June 30, 2019.

CTL and Steadfast Innovation are excited to announce a new partnership that unlocks Squid Premium through June 30, 2019, for all CTL NL7TW-360 Chromebooks.  Both companies are excited to add on to the tremendous capabilities of the CTL NL7TW-360 Chromebook with high-level note-taking and handwriting. With Squid, you can write as naturally as you would with a traditional pen and paper using low-latency ink plus easy erasing and modifying with the swipe of a finger or the eraser end of the pen. Pen strokes become highly personalized with pressure sensitivity and variable sizing using the tool or options within the software.

The NL7TW-360 Chromebooks will include a free Squid Premium license to take advantage of the software’s most powerful features including PDF Import (from Google Classroom, Drive or your own downloads), numerous paper backgrounds (lined, grid, music staffs, sports templates and more), and Squid’s Tool Pack (unlocks true eraser, highlighter, shapes, text tool).

Squid Premium empowers the NL7TW-360 for natural handwriting in everyday classroom situations including math problems, grading papers, document signing, or presentations. Any of these documents can be exported via PDF and sent anywhere directly from the Chromebook.

The free Squid Premium license is available through June 30, 2019, on all CTL NL7TW-360 Chromebook devices via download. After that, education users will be given an option to purchase a license at a discounted rate. 

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Aaron Pearson, Senior National Account Manager

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