Close The Gap With STEM PBL Units

Pitsco Education’s new STEM PBL Units enable students to learn within and across disciplines, developing their ability to innovate and apply what they learn to solve a relevant problem or to explore a new situation. Then, they present their results to an authentic audience.

These units allow a holistic approach to the skills that are necessary to be successful in life. Though planning is required, Pitsco’s made it as simple as possible through concept maps and a completed planning form for one of the three Activators that come with each unit.

“If you look at how Google hires, Google says, ‘we want skill-based hires.’ So, industry has been telling us that these are the people who will be successful in the modern workplace. . . . To me, PBL does a better job producing the skills that industry wants.”
– Dave Ross, teacher and former P21® CEO and Buck Institute for Education senior director

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