CatchOn Premiers New Student-Level Data Module

Many educators already know the power of data when it comes to planning and assessing effective digital instruction. CatchOn has now made it much easier to measure, track, and communicate the data you need with their new integrated module.

This new student-level data module has been designed with educators and administrators in mind. Through its customizable dashboards, you’ll be able to meet and overcome the challenges of remote learning with a fresh, data-driven approach.

Measures of Success

CatchOn’s new module provides an assortment of opportunities to measure students’ digital engagement. This includes the ability to evaluate a student’s involvement in a particular course or assignment, and compare those levels of engagement to pre-established goals.

With this module, users will also be able to evaluate a student’s time on task relative to their time online. To that end, users can quickly determine if a student is efficiently using their digital work time, as shown on the module’s dashboard.

Keeping Students on Track with Tracking

With CatchOn’s new student-level data module at your disposal, you’ll be able to pick up students’ learning trends early on. That’s because this module offers several ways to track student performance over time.

In practice, these tools make it easier to identify emerging trends in student behavior, including fluctuations in attendance or engagement. In turn, these data-driven trends can help support a timely intervention that keeps a student on track for success.

Communicate Plans for the Future

After just a few days in operation, CatchOn users will be able to put data from this new module to productive use. To do that, they can utilize this module’s several reporting tools. These tools can output a variety of reports optimized for an assortment of audiences, including parents and administrators.

Regardless of which educational stakeholders tune into these reports, they’ll find them easy to interpret when it comes time to establish new engagement and performance benchmarks. 

Made with EdTech in Mind

Educational technology staff should take note of this new CatchOn module, as well. That’s because the entire CatchOn platform has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. As a result, new users won’t need an extra workshop to feel confident on CatchOn’s dashboard. The platform can be used to pull usage reports, too, which tech coordinators can use to support key tech policy decisions.

Demo the New CatchOn Module Now

CatchOn’s new student-level data module is available for ILTPP members to demo now! To sign up for this demo, fill out this form or visit CatchOn’s website for more information.

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