Blended Learning, the New Normal

How do you plan to reopen for the new school year after the lockdown?

With the right tools, training, resources and LMS partner you can ‘address and mitigate learning loss’, ‘boost student engagement’ and ‘support teachers and students’. itslearning consulted education experts to put together a list of articles and resources to help you prepare for the new school year.

Strategies to Help you Plan For the New School Year

Digital learning is now a ‘critical resource’ for educators. What lessons and tools has itslearning found useful for teachers to successfully plan for school after summer?

Taking Learning Online

In this 4-part series linked above, itslearning Product Owner Bart van Kimmenade will demonstrate best practices in creating a blended learning program, starting with ‘Taking learning online’ – how to gather your resources and plan an effective blended learning protocol.

Structure and Present Content

Use Plans to provide context, structure and present content in a sequence so that students can easily follow lessons and know where to find resources.

Keeping Track of Student Progress

When you don’t see your students daily, it can be hard to know how engaged they are with their courses. In the video, itslearning shows you the various ways you can monitor student progress and keep them motivated.

Maintaining Contact

Working from home can be lonely. Students miss their friends and teachers. But with itslearning messaging, mobile app, 360° reports and other tools, you can easily encourage collaboration and staying in contact.

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