Beware of Counterfeit Chargers & Batteries

Chargers and batteries are critical to sustaining any 1:1 Chromebook program. Be sure your school is only purchasing authentic, UL-certified parts with an extended warranty.

What is an authentic part?

An authentic part is OEM original or equivalent. Authentic parts should also bear the UL Mark. This means the part has been evaluated and meets the appropriate Standard for Safety under Underwriter Laboratories.

What is a counterfeit part?

A counterfeit part, also known as a generic part, is made with substandard components that fail to meet basic safety requirements. Is a reclaimed, refurbished, or B-grade part a counterfeit or generic part? Not necessarily! A reclaimed part can still be an authentic UL-certified part. In fact, if you are looking for cost savings, purchasing authentic reclaimed parts is a great way to do just that.

What do counterfeit parts look like?

Don’t let an OEM logo or UL mark fool you—counterfeit parts can look near identical to an authentic part in label and form. In fact, you can’t always distinguish an authentic part from a counterfeit part.

However, there are a few tell-tale signs a part is counterfeit. Look closely at the label. Counterfeit products can have phony printed logos, text, and in some cases, typos. If something looks off, chances are it is. The only foolproof method to verify a part’s authenticity is for a thorough and rigorous inspection of the part which includes label inspection and mechanical testing.

What is so dangerous about counterfeit parts?

While it may seem like a good way to cut costs, the risks of a generic part far outweigh the benefits. Since counterfeit parts are made with substandard components, they pose a potential health and safety risk to students and teachers. Substandard components are more prone to
overheating. Overheated parts can damage your equipment. More importantly, these substandard parts pose an immediate fire and burn risk and hazard.

How do I ensure I receive authentic parts from my Chromebook supplier?

The only way to guarantee your school receives authentic parts is to purchase Chromebook parts from a supplier that only sells UL-certified authentic parts. If you aren’t sure, ask your provider. How they respond matters—there should immediately know their parts are authentic.

Does AGParts Education sell UL-certified authentic parts?

Yes, AGParts Education only sells UL-certified authentic parts that are OEM original or equivalent. All parts, whether new or reclaimed, are UL certified and safe for your students and teachers to use.

How does AGParts Education know they only sell authentic UL-certified parts?

Every AGParts Chromebook part completes a rigorous three-step inspection process to verify its authenticity. If a part fails any part of the process, AGParts doesn’t sell it—period.

The process is:

  1. Label inspection – verify OEM logo, matching OEM part numbers, UL Mark, clear text, and no typos.
  2. Testing – AGParts tests the following for each type of part:
    a. Batteries – volts, amps, and cycle counts of charge.
    b. Chargers – volts and amps under load.
  3. Internal component inspection – verify industry-standard construction, authentic OEM identifiers, and safety compliant materials.

Do I still need a warranty if I purchase authentic parts?

Absolutely! Chargers and batteries are high-failure commodities. Adapters take a beating through student use and batteries often weaken because devices are constantly plugged in. Most vendors offer a 90-day or 120-day warranty. This simply is not enough time for the wear and tear these parts see! AGParts Education offers a one-year warranty on both adapters and batteries.

Remember that lowest price doesn’t mean lowest lifetime cost. Check the fine print! Make sure the parts you order are authentic, and that the vendor stands behind their parts with an extended warranty. This ensures your school really is getting the best deal—not a deal that will turn into stealing more money out of your technology budget.

Be sure to mention ILTPP Contract Number 20180402 at checkout to identify yourself as an ILTPP member. This will provide you top, pre-negotiated pricing for additional savings.

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