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At FireFly Computers, K-12 classroom technology is the one and only focus. FireFly specializes in helping you be less busy, so you can focus on the things that matter most. From fast, easy Chromebook and laptop deployments to pre-wired carts and cabinets to simplified repair and warranty support options, FireFly is raising the bar on what a true technology partner can do to make deploying, managing, and maintaining your school technology a breeze.

Whether it’s reducing costs, saving time, or simplifying a process, FireFly’s innovations are a win-win for you and your budget. In addition to the benefits of purchasing, FireFly shares weekly blogs that will inform and engage you in educational technology questions you didn’t even realize you were seeking the answers for! See a few highlights below and be sure to mention ILTPP or reference contract number 20180303 when speaking with a representative.

“Why do my students still not have Chromebooks?”

“So what are the next few months going to look like when it comes to buying Chromebooks? Manufacturers are trying to get caught up on the backlog, but at this point, it’s a monumental task. HP and Lenovo would each have to ship an average of 250K – 300k devices per week just to get caught up on the current backlog by Christmas.

Still, at least some hope is in sight. Chromebook manufacturers have been able to ramp up production little-by-little, and starting in late October or early November, we believe we’ll be able to start fulfilling the majority of our backlogged orders. Please do not take that as a commitment or a guarantee, it’s just our best guess based on what we’ve been hearing.”

Tech Essentials for Teaching in the New Normal

FireFly sat down with some of its favorite partners at HP and GoGuardian to talk about setting teachers up for success in distance and hybrid learning with tech essentials for teaching in the new normal.

Zoom Calls on Chromebooks Just Got a LOT Better!

“Up until now, Chromebooks and video chatting simply didn’t mix well. Conferencing tools ate up more CPU than such devices could handle. Thankfully, for the 30+ million students and educators using Chromebooks, video calls are being brought up to snuff with a series of updates from Zoom and Google!”

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